Volunteer at the AUMNH!

Volunteer at the AUMNH

Interested in natural history?
Want to volunteer in a museum?
Need research experience?
Students, need research credit hours?
Like bugs or plants or snakes or fish…?
Dig the smell of ethanol and formalin?


If ‘yes’ to any of these, contact us! We can help you if you can help us!!


Volunteer workers perform tasks vital to the maintenance and use of the museum’s collections. During their activities, volunteers gain curatorial experience, increase their familiarity with a diversity of flora and fauna, assist with ongoing research, and have the opportunity to interact with a variety of scientists. For more information, or to volunteer your services, please fill out a volunteer information form and we will contact you.


Melissa CallahanMariposa
Terrestrial Invertebrates Collections Manager
243 Biodiversity Learning Center
(334) 844-1630


Curtis Hansendrosera-tracyi
Herbarium Collections Manager
262 Biodiversity Learning Center
(334) 844-1630


David LaurencioPseudacris ornata
Collections Manager, Tetrapods
149 Biodiversity Learning Center
(334) 844-9127


David Wernekepseudancistrus-pectegenitor
Collection Manager, Fishes
132 Biodiversity Learning Center
(334) 844-7345